I appreciate your even-handed, clear take. I have taught English and Writing for years, though not at a Christian college. Still, this kind of action, and its inconsistency with Moore's overall glowing reviews, is chilling.

Funny (not funny) how some on the right bemoan "cancel culture" only to heartlessly and irresponsibly apply those very tactics.

(I acknowledge that "cancel culture" is sometimes real, though often only perceived; and sometimes just, and other times unjust. My point is simply that I've heard *so* much hand-wringing about it from the right, and yet this seems to be the worst kind of cancel culture: not whole swaths of a "culture" refusing to platform (or ignoring the platform of) a single person, often someone in a position of wealth and/or power, but rather of an individual (or small group of individuals) taking away the well-earned post and livelihood of a professional who has been doing objectively good work. Just, yikes.)

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Of course, the irony of the allegation of Moore’s lack of balance and focus on Tisby is that she didn’t assign Tisby’s book — she just put a quote from Tisby as an epigraph to a syllabus.

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Nice clear exposition. Thank you for writing it.

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Wowzers. I appreciate this entry. Sure looks very suspect. I hope she can be reinstated and it not come to a lawsuit, but we shall see.

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Believe you are correct. Academia has only been examining the injustices historically from a Karman line perspective. The sad Moore instance and many other injustices have been baked into the land since even before the Euro discovery process began. I wonder if it is time to enlist the accounting department of Academia to do a recount of the number of times land is referenced in the bible? Last time if I recall it was over 1,700 times.

Two that come to mind are from Hosea 4:1 and the other 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Could it be that God has an issue with the " Christian" religious mandated professionals because they

and their disciples have lost their relationship with the land as written in Hosea 4:1?


If so please consider re - reading 2 Chronicles 7:14


If so then this problem is systemic across the spectrum of the organizational layers of the great democratic experiment.

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