You're doing important work, Beth. I'm so grateful for your scholarship and courage. Thanks for pointing out the previous scholarship on i Timothy 2: 11-15 too.

I agree with Nijay Gupta and you that these verses are not "comprehensive instructions for clergy or a universal guide for all churches" and all time.

Yes, back in 1974 we were working hard on the translation of "authenteo"--and trying to spread the word that "usurp authority" was a better translation than "exercise authority" for crying out loud.

Yes, "complementarianism is about patriarchy, and patriarchy is about power."

Since 1974, I'm no longer convinced that Paul wrote 1 and 2 Timothy. Many literary pieces use the name of a more important voice (whom the author supposes would support the views he is writing).

I also like the thesis that these letters are part of an ongoing debate among Jesus followers. Some believed (with this author) that a certain group of women should stop teaching and called their teaching "old wives' tales." Others believed with Paul in Gal. 3:28 that gender rules are now transcended in Jesus the Messiah, along with ethnic and economic dividing lines. That's the argument on 1 Timothy 2 that makes the most sense to me these days.

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How can we get people to stop using the Bible like a weapon? I see everyday in the work I do as a hospice chaplain. It's depressing and upsetting to me how often people use one verse like a weapon. KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT!!!! I am so grateful for you. (and my wife is too)

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